BJP centralising authority under cover of Covid-19, says Sitaram Yechury – india news


CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Monday accused the BJP of strengthening the drive for centralisation of all authority and power “under the cover of a Covid-19 pandemic” and said it was “negating the principles of federalism”.

“BJP under the cover of a pandemic is strengthening the drive for centralisation of all authority and power, negating the principles of federalism. Decisions are taken unilaterally by the Centre and the states are burdened with bearing the consequences of such unilateral decisions,” he said at a press conference.

He alleged the functioning of parliament has been grievously circumscribed.

“Questions have raised on the functioning of judiciary, ECI, ED and CBI. We condemn the authoritarian assault on democratic rights and civil liberties. Any expression of dissent is treated as anti-national,” he said.

Yechury said that the party will observe protest week from August 20-26 all over the country by following precautions related to the pandemic.

The 16 demands of the party include cash transfers to poor and needy, free foodgrains, expansion of MNREGA and strengthening interstate migration law.


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