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The recently released web series, starring Sushmita Sen in and as ‘Aarya’ streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is receiving great appreciation from critics for a power- packed story. But, other than Sushmita, who has made a comeback nearly after a decade, there is one more character who has been catching attention of the viewers and critics. The character is of ACP Khan, played by Vikas Kumar. Khan plays a cop who is driving the investigation, looking for a pen drive that will expose the drug traders.

Son of a doctor in Bihar Sharif, Vikas has made a mark in the television and film industry for the last 10 years. He has earlier appeared as a senior inspector Rajat in CID, as well as inspector Umesh Jagdale in Pankaj Tripathi starrer web series ‘Powder’, produced by Yash Raj Chopra.

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In an interview with Hindustan Times, Vikas, who portrays a gay character in Aarya, says, “I liked the way the character was written. Although, ACP Khan is gay, but the series neither sensationalize the fact nor does it portray it as a big revelation. It has just one normal scene where his partner comes to him with a tiffin and asks why he is so stressed at work. This is how we normalise things for the LGBT community. Someone’s sexuality cannot be his or her identity. Here, Khan’s identity is not ‘gay’ but a ‘cop’.

The character of ACP Khan evolves beautifully throughout the series. From the first episode itself, he is portrayed as the antagonist, but by the end of the series, he turns out to be the hero.

Actor Vikas Kumar

Actor Vikas Kumar

Talking about the culture of web series, he said, “OTT platforms have given an exposure and opportunities to new as well as old actors for developing their skills. India is a little late in adopting the web series culture but now, with the lockdown becoming the new normal, OTT platforms have turned out to be a boon for the entertainment seekers and producers. In western countries, Hollywood actors are not only focusing on the silver screen but also working in web series for the OTT Platforms like Netflix.”

Hailing from a small town of Bihar, Vikas has taken a big leap in the TV industry. Giving advice to the aspiring actors who come from a small town to Mumbai, he said, “Every outsider has to go through the struggling phase. But I don’t consider it as ‘struggle’. Rejection and failures are a process of becoming successful. The more you fail, the more you should be dedicated to work hard and win. Aspirants should first complete their education, get a degree, or gain some job experience and then plan to come to this industry. Proper planning, patience and hard work are the keys to success,” he added.


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